Monday, November 30, 2020

Buff DryFlx+ Gear Product Review

"Disclaimer: I received Buff DryFlx+ geat to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

The past few weeks I was able to try out the new Buff DryFlx+ hat and neckwarmer. This is a new collection from Buff for cold winters.  As someone who lives in Oklahoma the temperatures can get really cold and without a treadmill the only way to get my miles is outside.  

Before I received the product I was a little worried that the hat and neckwarmer would be too small for my big head/face and it could potentially be too tight.  After putting it on the first time I really didn't have anything to worry about it.  The hat and neckwarmer have a 4-Way Ultra Stretch and able to be put on easily without cutting circulation for me.  It felt super comfortable and really like how there are two pieces that come together.  I can wear both, or either piece on it's own.  

I tried the hat and neckwarmer for my virtual race and a 20 miles bike ride which were around 35ish degrees and high wind.  I will say I was very impressed.  I felt very warm during my run and ride where I had to take it off for a brief second to cool down.  The thermal insulation was definitely working.  The fabric was very high quality and does not look cheap.  I haven't seen the reflective elements yet as my activities were done in the day light. Another awesome part of the neckwarmer is that you can tuck it into your shirt which is a nice feature.  When it gets really cold out any skin that is showing might get a blast of cold air and it is not fun.  In the top picture I was able to fit my aftershockz and my glasses with the DryFlx+ gear comfortably and in the picture below I had my glasses and airpods in along with my helmet.  I really appreciate how fabric stretches as I need to have my music and glasses during my physical activities.  

I definitely approve of this produce and excited to take it out for a cold race and my other virtual races in December.  You should check these products along with several other items in the DryFlx+ collection.        

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